I am trying to set up a very simple moderation workflow in D8 and am completely stuck.

Authenticated users should be able to see their own unpublished content but not other people's unpublished content. So far so good - give them permission to "View own unpublished content". This part has actually been working for me for three years.

Now I want to let any authenticated user "suggest edits" to any published content. Those "suggested edits" should be only visible to the user and to the admin until the admin approves the edit. At the first sight it should be all done automagically by simply permitting users to edit any content. A new draft revision should be created and should not be visible to anyone but the revision author and the admin. But no such luck.

If user A edits (=creates a draft revision of) content created by user B, they... are not even allowed to see the result of their own edit, even if I give them permission to View latest revision. Apparently because the content is still not their "own" - it belongs to user B, even though the latest draft revision is by user A.

Am I missing something? If not, am I the only one who finds this behavior, uhm, strange? If not, is there a solution/workaround?

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