I'm learning D8 and gaining familiarity with the configuration management aspects of drush.

All my configuration is exported into my config/sync directory and I cherry picked the relevant files and moved them into a config/install under my custom modules.

However, I'm having trouble when I had to rebuild my site due to some vagrant issues and I came across the following type of errors:

Unable to install Questions due to unmet dependencies: field.field.node.quiz.field_questions (node.type.quiz), views.view.quizes (node.type.quiz, rest, serialization)

Is there a way to selectively export specific relevant configuration into my custom modules directly?


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I would use the awesome features module as a base to export complex configurations that contain multiple dependencies as a base of my new module and then start building my custom functionality. All major distributions are using features module as it saves a lot of time and it is very reliable.

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