I did many research about related nodes by term. These solutions are good with related nodes by term on node pages but does not work on term pages.

Solutions I found: Add "Content: Has taxonomy term ID" in Views - Contextual filters.

My idea:

  • Content type A node with term reference X
  • Vocabulary Y terms with term reference X
  • render content type A node with related term reference X on Vocabulary Y terms
  • Instead of saying "type A node", "vocabulary Y", and "term reference X", can you put the names of the node types, vocabularies, and terms? Also, could you please give a real-world example of the scenario, and what you want the result to be? Something like If a node has a taxonomy reference field for the vocabulary "colors", and it has a value of "blue" then the view should show all nodes with the terms "teal", "indigo" and "azure". Be sure to include how the terms relate to each other, like Vocabulary "colors" has the term "blue", with the child terms "teal", "indigo" and "azure". Dec 6, 2019 at 18:07
  • Oh, it would also be helpful if you say what the view shouldn't show. For example The term "indigo" has the child term "indigo (crayola)", and nodes with the term "indigo (crayola)" should not be included in the view. Dec 6, 2019 at 18:18


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