I have a field formatter that adds a CSS class attribute to the item by code like this in viewElements

$item->_attributes = ['class' => ['my-class']];

It works perfectly when the formatter is used on a node display settings. It also works for a view of node teasers. However when this formatter is used in a view of node fields then the CSS class is missing.

I have a workaround which is to enable the view field style setting "Use field template", in which case the CSS class does appear. However I don't actually want to use the field template and my CSS class is not in any way related to the template. Unfortunately this "Use field template" setting has a bug/limitation in that it causes the field label to be displayed even if the view field setting "Create a label" is disabled.

Please can anyone tell me how to get the field formatter CSS class to appear when used in a view of fields?

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