so I am trying to create a view via Drupal 8 Structure->Views, and I am setting up this view to display certain shops in certain areas, I would like titles above each type of location of shops, so I would like u.s.a stores to have a title, and canada stores to have a title, is this possible in the view creator? for example:enter image description here

Or should I create separate views, then sort in the twig files, example stores - can, stores - usa

Please let me know, thanks!

  • Do you want to group and sort the results by type or by country? – Ismail Cherri Dec 22 '19 at 4:57

If you want a title for each type of view, I would click the add button for a "header" then click on Global text and enter in the Title you want for that view.

enter image description here

enter image description here


Also, if you are looking to put in a title for each entry you could look into making that a content type that the view pulls from. It can pull the Title of each entity.

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