I need to select some entities that have a certain field (user reference) empty or that field does not contain the current user as a reference.

I tried this, it works ok if the field is empty or if the field contains exactly one value. For multiple values it displays a wrong output:

$query = $this->entityTypeManager()->getStorage('my_entity_type')->getQuery();
$group = $query->orConditionGroup()->notExists("my_field")->condition("my_field", \Drupal::currentUser()->id(), "<>");
$query->condition("type", "my_bundle_id");

$ids = $query->sort(...)->execute();

Any thoughts on how to make this work?

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    – user72672
    Jan 3 '20 at 18:39

Try to use NOT IN instead of <>.

->condition("my_field", [\Drupal::currentUser()->id()], "NOT IN");

You can learn more here.

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