I am a bit new to this, but I do have a programming background, and I have been working with Drupal for a while.

I am putting together a site for our Yoga Studio and I have a content type (scheduled class) that has a field (field scheduled_class) that is a node reference to a content type (class description). The Scheduled Class content type has as field for date which is used in a calendar, and there are multiple classes using the same class description.

I am trying to use a view to attach fields from the class description to the scheduled class content type and I cannot get it to work. I have been banging my head against the wall for months now.

                               --> fields
Scheduled class --> Class Type --> fields   
                               --> fields

I have not been able to get the contextual filter and relationship set up properly to allow this to work. I have tried every single combination I can think of. I am pretty sure the source of the problem is trying to get the right default value of the Class Type, but I am not sure.

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What I would do:

Enable the query preview under Views settings.

  1. Create a new View.
  2. Make sure "Title" is a selected field, and that the titles of both "Scheduled classes" and "Class type" is available in the list.
  3. Add a new relationship, pick the one representing your node-reference. Make it required.
  4. Change the title-fields configuration to select the newly added the relationship.
  5. You should now only have titles from "Class type".

From there on, you likely want to add a contextual filter on a nid so you can pick out "Class type" from a specific "Scheduled class".

I haven't used references in a while. If you get stuck already here, give the same thing a try with entity reference instead, just to see if it plays better together with Views.

Also see Learn Views with NodeOne, episode 11 is specifically about relationships.


I think this will help you.

  1. Make a content view.
  2. Add a filter for "Content:type" that shows only the node of the "scheduled class" content type.
  3. Add the relationship "Content: Field node reference."
  4. Add the field "Content:body" and use the above relationship while displaying.

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