Im trying to get the shipping method and the shipping service values after i place an order on a Drupal 8 commerce website so i can use it inside an email im sending the website's owner (not the receipt for the client). I know Swift email would be an option but i have to continue with what i have. So far the owner of the website does receive an email but i need to add more information to it like the shipping method and shipping service.

I've got as far as finding out that $order->shipments->entity will give me, among other values, these 2 fields shipping_method and shipping_service.

Shipment {#4521 ▼
  #values: array:19 [▼
    "shipment_id" => array:1 [▶]
    "type" => array:1 [▶]
    "uuid" => array:1 [▶]
    "order_id" => array:1 [▶]
    "package_type" => array:1 [▶]
    "shipping_method" => array:1 [▼
      "x-default" => "2"
    "shipping_service" => array:1 [▼
      "x-default" => "PRIORITY_OVERNIGHT"

Where do I find the values of the shipping method value whose ID is 2 and the shipping service value whose ID is PRIORITY_OVERNIGHT?
Is there an easier way to get the shipping method and service from a placed order?


Since shipping_method is an entity reference field, you can call $order->shipments->entity->shipping_method->entity, to load the shipping method entity.

The shipping service is not an entity, but just a text field, so you can get the value by using $order->shipments->entity->shipping_service->value.

Hope it helps!

  • Thank you @Jdrupal... – Nathan Jan 3 '20 at 7:50
  • Hey.... @Jdrupal, how did you know that shipping_method was an entity and shipping_service was not? usually, in devel, if i would see a target_id, i could tell that's an entity but were you able to tell that shipping_method was an entity based on the content of my post, did you look it up or did you just know it? – Nathan Jan 3 '20 at 15:46
  • 1
    Hi @Nathan. I have worked with the shipping module before and therefore I knew that shipping_method is an entity :) – user72672 Jan 3 '20 at 16:17
  • i see... well, thanks for the help! – Nathan Jan 3 '20 at 16:18

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