I have create view where it get an image banner from custom post type.
Using multilingual module I could translate all nodes. except the view. any way in how to achieve this?

I followed this answer but i cant make it work how do i translate a view page title

Steps I used:

  1. I have 3 products so I translated each product by clicking the button translate. enter image description here
  2. I have set the filter in view to select based on selected language. enter image description here

with the steps I used I can't get the translated products

I have done some debuging and I found the issue is because relationship is linked using revision_id not id

Here is the query that I found

SELECT * FROM node_field_data
LEFT JOIN node__field_product_overview ON node_field_data.nid = node__field_product_overview.entity_id AND (node__field_product_overview.deleted = '0' AND node__field_product_overview.langcode = node_field_data.langcode)
INNER JOIN paragraphs_item_field_data ON node__field_product_overview.field_product_overview_target_revision_id = paragraphs_item_field_data.revision_id
WHERE (node_field_data.status = '1') AND (node_field_data.type IN ('product')))

see this:
node__field_product_overview.field_product_overview_target_revision_id = paragraphs_item_field_data.revision_id

is there way to modify query to use target_id instead

  • anyone around have any idea about this? – Saf Jan 7 at 7:20
  • try to install this module : i18nviews – Baach Jan 7 at 16:02
  • dont have for drupal 8 – Saf Jan 7 at 16:06
  • Can you remove Content: Translation language in filter criteria and add Content: Language – Baach Jan 7 at 16:10
  • I removed that but I only get the english products – Saf Jan 7 at 16:19

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