Similar to Aegir no longer seems to be adding SSL info to apache config files for sites

The documentation still mentions a way to use commercial certs: https://docs.aegirproject.org/usage/advanced/ssl/#commercial-certificates

I too have run into the problem aegir_https not working the same way regarding chain certs.

Running aegir3-provision/stable,stable,now 3.182

LE is not an option for our org unfortunately.

Is there a way to use commercial apache certs with aegir_https/hosting_https?

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As stated at the top of that documentation page, everything there is legacy and is no longer supported.

The feature request for being able to use commercial certificates with Aegir HTTPS (the officially supported way of running HTTPS now), is Add a 'manual' Certificate implementation.

So your options are either:

  • Write a patch yourself (and upload it to the issue), or
  • Pay us, the maintainers, (or someone else) to do it for you.
  • Gotcha, I figured as much but had to ask. Thanks for all the excellent work and long hours y'all put in! Jan 8, 2020 at 17:02

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