I am trying to upgrade our current Solr from 4.x to 7.7.2. We have a Drupal 7 installation, that has the apachesolr-7.x-1.6 module installed. I have been researching but cannot find any information, will this work? Is this compatible? My research tells me that Drupal 7 can only work with 7.7.2, but it doesn't indicate which module to use. I see the search_api module, but I'm hoping I don't have to upgrade the module, as that would increase complexity to our change package.

  • Welcome to Drupal Answers! :-) Unfortunately this is a super broad and actually quite localized request. We can't tell you if this will work as we can't reproduce your whole setup. Too many informations are missing. You simply have to try it out yourself, maybe in an encapsulated environment first. And when you reach a point where something doesn't work, which can be reproduced and you get an actual error, please come back and edit your question to let us have a look at it. Thank you for your understanding! – leymannx Jan 8 at 19:45

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