I have a webform with a composite component that allows multiple rows to be added. The structure is something like this, in case that makes it clearer:

  sample_details - composite component which allows multiple 'rows', containing:
    date_sampled (field I want to set the error on)

I followed 'method 2 - webform handler' on this guide. I'm able to do the validation itself and set an error on other components, but not on sub-components in the composite one.

This post addresses a similar problem, but the technique hasn't helped me.

I've tried

$form_state->setErrorByName( 'date_sampled', $this->t( 'must not have a sample date in the future.' ) );


$form_state->setErrorByName( 'sample_details][date_sampled]', $this->t( 'must not have a sample date in the future.' ) );

and a few other things but it seems like I'm missing something. It seems that setErrorByName can't work on sub-components because they don't have a standard #parents array? Is there a way of achieving this without having to switch to 'the old way'?


The element name "sample_details][date_sampled]" specified in the first parameter of setByErrorName is not correct.

It should be

// $key = your multi field array key eg 0,1,2,3 
$formState->setErrorByName('sample_details][items][' . $key . '][_item_][date_sampled', $this->t('must not have a sample date in the future.'));

You can find out the exact element name by two methods:

  1. $formState->getUserInput() will give you the exact array pattern to use for setting error by name.
  2. Inspect the element from the browser and use the value of name attribute.

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