I would like to add to the sidebar menu on the create/edit node pages. How would I do this?

I would like to do this in order to make the content creating/editing a little cleaner and easier to understand for content editors.

See attached pic...

Thank you. enter image description here


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The latest version of Field Group module supports putting fields into the sidebar (at least for nodes).

Field Group version >= 3.0-rc2, containing issue 2652642


How todo it custom in code such as in a hook_form_alter

$form['something'] = [
  "#title" => t('@title', ['@title' => 'My Title']),
  "#type" => "details",
  "#group" => "advanced",
  "#weight" => 50,

// Add fields to the group.
$form['something']['text'] = [
  "#title" => t('@title', ['@title' => 'test']),
  "#type" => "textfield",
  "#group" => "advanced",
  "#weight" => 50,

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