In a Drupal 8 project, when trying to reset password, the single login link is successfully sent to the entered email address but when clicking that link it always print the following message event when the link has never been used before either not expired yet (Account activation link expiration setting is set to 86400 which means 24 hours)

You have attempted to use a single login link that has already been used or is no longer valid. Please request a new one using the form below.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks.

  • Have you confirmed you're not already logged in or have some sort of pre-existing session cookie? – Shawn Conn Jan 23 at 6:34
  • All tests I did was into a private navigation no session was opened. Also all tests are in local environment (using local server with a configured virtual host). – MiharbKH Jan 23 at 13:53

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