I have content type Videos, lets say I have 5 videos, they have these url links:

  • /videos/video-name-1
  • /videos/video-name-2
  • /videos/video-name-3
  • /videos/video-name-4
  • /videos/video-name-5

What I want is when I go to /videos I want this page to show the last video added (/videos/video-name-5) and I want to make this dynamic e.g. if I add a new video, when I visit /videos it will show me the page of that new video I added.

How can I achive this? As much as possible I don't want to use redirect.

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You can create a views page that shows the most recent video.

  • Structure > Views > Add new view
    • Title: "Videos"
    • Show content of type "Video" sorted by "Newest first"
    • Check "Create a page" option
    • Page title: "Video"
    • Path: "videos"
    • Display format: "Unformatted list" of "Full posts"
    • Items to display: "1"
    • Save & edit
    • Save again

Now go to the url: http://my-drupal-site.com/videos and it will display the most recent video via the view you created above

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