How do you query solr server from php in Drupal 8?

I have installed search_api, search_api_solr and search_api_attachments. Also have Solr v.8.4.0 installed.

I installed php SolrClient for Centos 7 following this guidance: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22959330/fatal-error-class-solrclient-not-found , but I still get "Class 'SolrClient' not found" every time I run

new SolrClient($options);

I have located documentation on querying Solr from php in Drupal 7 (apachesolr_get_solr()) but nothing in Drupal 8.

  • You can either do it through the SearchAPI services or use Solarium client directly. I recommend the first way if you are not a programmer or very familiar with Solr querying. gist.github.com/kevinquillen/cad07541347385744b161a26690ab75d Is one example. – Kevin Jan 25 at 15:02
  • Thanks. I managed to get SolrClient working and that method appears to work well. – SomebodySysop Jan 25 at 22:18

I managed to fix the problems with SolrClient install: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41052999/php-warning-unable-to-load-dynamic-library-usr-lib64-php-modules-solr-so-und%C2%A0

This is how I can now query the solr server from php (right out of php SolrClient manual):

$options = array
    'hostname' => 'localhost',
    'port'     => '8983',
    'path'     => 'solr/sbn01'

$client = new SolrClient($options);

$query = new SolrQuery();





$query_response = $client->query($query);

$response = $query_response->getResponse();

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