Hello Drupal community.

I have a “Product” content type with field_alert_date field.
The field date type is “Date only” so when I get jsonapi response
by accessing jsonapi/node/product I have the following output for this field:


However, this response will be used by another program
and that program requires data in the following format:

"field_alert_date":"2020-02-22 0:00:00”

So I need to modify the jsonapi output to add “0:00:00” (or another time) without changing the field data type.
The program is not developed by me so I cannot change this requirement. I have to do something with the output of the jsonapi.

Could you please tell me if it is possible and how it can be implemented?

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You can change the JSON output of a date field by implementing a custom Normalizer for date fields in a custom module. I got it to work using the following code. This is a bit of a hatchet job, so you'll want to clean up and stuff, but otherwise it should do the job:



namespace Drupal\custom_date_serializer\Normalizer;

use Drupal\serialization\Normalizer\DateTimeIso8601Normalizer;

 * @internal
class DateTimeCustomNormalizer extends DateTimeIso8601Normalizer {

   * {@inheritdoc}
  protected $allowedFormats = [
    'RFC 3339' => \DateTime::RFC3339,
    'ISO 8601' => \DateTime::ISO8601,
    // used to be 'Y-m-d', so you can use any PHP date format you want
    // I just set it to this because it was easy to test
    'date-only' => \DateTime::ISO8601, 

And /custom_date_serializer.services.yml:

    class: \Drupal\custom_date_serializer\Normalizer\DateTimeCustomNormalizer
    arguments: ['@config.factory']
      # Priority must be higher than other datetime normalizers.
      - { name: normalizer, priority: 40 }

And you'll need an info.yml obviously.

  • Thank you. I will try it.
    – Sergey
    Feb 3, 2020 at 1:18

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