On my D7 site I am trying to enable users to view the nodes where they have submitted their comments. I have tried adding 'Comments of the node' relationship, then added 'Comment: Author' and 'Comment: Author uid' contextual filters. Then set up filter criteria 'Comment: Author' to be equal/not equal to [current-user:name] and [current-user:uid]. It didn't help.


The following works for me without a problem. I'm not sure where my method differs from yours:

  • Relationship: Comments of the node
  • Contextual filter:
    • Author uid using comments relationship
    • Provide default value: "User ID from logged in user"
  • Use aggregation: Yes (to avoid duplicate nodes)

That's all, and it works like a charm.

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  • Yes, it really works with default value in contextual filter. But what I needed was to create an exposed filter where current user would choose whether he wants to see all nodes, or only those he commented (or did not). I tried adding filter criteria 'Comment: Author uid' and setting up grouped filter using [current-user:uid] token. This didn't work. – Timur Kutuev Feb 5 at 21:16
  • Aah. Well that is a totally different question than the one had asked. I would probably just create 2 views for that, one with the filter, and one without. Rig it up with some javascript. – Menno van den Heuvel Feb 6 at 7:46

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