I have made a custom view which will show Results based on the selected expose filters.

I can access that VIEW on my local machine as: http://drupal881/home

On leftside bar, I have some filters and when I select any filter it will display results with ajax on the same page.Above Search results I have another BLOCK. I want to hide that block so that expose filter results will be seen on top.

What is the correct way to do this. Need help please.

  • Views uses a specific Ajax response, in which you can add your own Ajax commands to manipulate the browser DOM in an event subscriber, see for example drupal.stackexchange.com/a/282086/47547
    – 4uk4
    Commented Feb 5, 2020 at 19:52
  • Its quite long and complicated. No other easy way? Commented Feb 6, 2020 at 5:24
  • It's a simple module with the two files you see in the example for the Ajax solution, and an Ajax command like this: $response->addCommand(new CssCommand('.block-foo', ['display' => 'none']));
    – 4uk4
    Commented Feb 6, 2020 at 7:27
  • I got a decent solution at this link: drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/129598/…. I made my custom js file and attach it with my theme. But the code not fires when I select any option from Select Box. Can you please take a look? Commented Feb 7, 2020 at 9:50
  • This is a different approach. IMHO the server-side PHP solution I've proposed is the better one, because Ajax is a server-side technology.
    – 4uk4
    Commented Feb 7, 2020 at 9:55


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