I have a menu build with taxonomy menu structured like this :


  • agenda1
  • agenda2


  • News1
  • News2


  • Access1
  • Access2

My main navigation is like this (no children): Agenda | News | Access

What i want to do is , when i click Agenda for example ,i would like to dispay in agenda page in the side bar the block menu corresponding with children


  • Agenda1

  • Agenda2

    I have read many forum on this but not able to get it working :

Show Parent Menu children in sidebar Get menu link siblings How to display a block with menu child items programmatically?

I try Menu bloc module to do this but when i set Initial visibility level = 1 , all the menu with children is displaying , but i would like just display the selected menu with his children

When i set Initial visibility level > 1 nothing is display

Any help is welcome

  • I have remarked that this is not working when i create the menu with taxonomy menu module , but if i do not use taxonomy menu module to create my menu , it's working if i set Initial visibility level = 1 in menu block placement
    – stomerfull
    Feb 9, 2020 at 18:39

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I get it working by using this module : Hierarchical Taxonomy Menu https://www.drupal.org/project/hierarchical_taxonomy_menu


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