I have a content type called slider as the image below shows:

enter image description here

I tried the following to export the content-type:

drupal config:export:content:type slider

when I enter the command, I am prompted to type a module name, which doesn't sound right.

Enter the module name [admin_toolbar]:

How can I export a specific content type using the drupal console?

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Drupal console will create a new module for you and export the content type as configuration in new module under config folder. Eg. drupal config:export:content:type slider \ --module="new_module"


Drupal console config:export:content:type is to

Export a specific content type and their fields.

and required 4 arguments:

  1. --module : The Module name where config will exported.
  2. --optional-config : Export content type as an optional YAML configuration in your module.
  3. --remove-uuid : If set, the configuration will be exported without uuid key.
  4. --remove-config-hash If set, the configuration will be exported without the default site hash key.

So you can execute it like :

drupal config:export:content:type article \
--module="YOURMODULE" \
--optional-config -y \
--remove-uuid -n \
--remove-config-hash -y

-y to set value of argument to yes
-n to set value of argument to no

for more info check config:export:content:type documentation page

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