For newbie Drupal developers:

Is there a repo, blog post or similar with increasing difficulty challenges?

I am willing to test my skills, which may be more than basic.

It would be nice to have a learn path.

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We have all felt like a newbie at something. Usually, that means our brains are growing. I recently read an inspiring article about this very thing:


Anyway, if you're just looking for a repo with coding examples, then the Examples project is literally what you have described.

As far as tutorials, there are quite a few to choose from.

Start with Acquia Academy. Their tutorials are quick, linear, and easy to follow, and they also have some free training materials. UPDATE: Actually it looks like a lot of the good stuff is free! I didn't know, because I was always logging in through an employer account.

Drupalize.me used to be really good. Their Drupal 7 courses are very well organized and easy to follow in a linear fashion. Unfortunately, their D8 courses are not as good. D8 has changed a lot since they wrote the tutorials and they haven't necessarily updated them. Also, they are not as well structured and you might start to feel lost in a labyrinth of forking paths. Still, some of their content is available for free, and you can learn quite a lot if you just start with that and keep in mind that it might have changed since Drupal 8.1 or whatever.

There are a ton of other tutorials out there. Some of my favorites are at codekarate.com but as with Drupalize.me the Drupal 7 material is far more comprehensive. The D8 material is good, but tends to be less of a broad overview and more of a deep dive into specific niche things.

This list is far from complete. You’ll find a million other tutorials on DuckDuckGo (or Google, if that’s how you roll)

If you really want to learn Drupal 8 (and 9) development, you might actually want to start by taking a course on MVC development with the Symfony framework. I guess Symfony 3 is still the place to start (although with D9 fast approaching everybody is learning Symfony 4) so here’s a likely option:


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