I have a D7 website, which expose a node through the module Restful Web Service https://www.drupal.org/project/restws

It does exposed my website node in Json format. The only issue I have, is the photo field, which has multiple images but JSON output from RESTWS is only expose the photo file id, not the file name.

My question, is there're plugin for the Feeds module that I can use to convert the file ID to a file name, so the feed can import that. Or is there other way that I can use to directly import the file fid to Drupal.

Here's a little info about my website: The user can list their content on bronze plan content type, and then they decide to upgrade to silver content type, what I'm doing in the background, is export the bronze content type through Restful Web Service and re-import through feeds to silver content type.

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I just want to post my plan for everyone to review and response. After days of no response, it does mean I'm having a crazy idea.

I've re-think my solution and came up with writing my own custom module to do the data copy from one content type to another. It was easy than I expected. Copy of data from one content type to another is very easy if the both field type are the same. It's a straight assign of field from one node object to another content type object. That's it.

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