I have a "Movie" content type. It can be translated in 3 languages (fr/de/it).
I also have an "Event" content type. It cannot be translated. It has a field that can reference a Movie (reference field).

I use CTools' Page Manager to display the page for the Movie, and I include a view (view pane) which recieve contextual filters provided by Page Manager.

The views is built with the following rules:

Filter: type == Event, published
Relationship: all Movies referenced by those Events (relationship not mandatory)
Contextual Filter: the Movies referenced by the Events must correspond to the movie of the page we're currently on. (This argument is provided by the context via Page Manager.)

In other words: show me all Events related to the Movie I'm currently visiting.

This works, but the the multlingual aspect doesn't work the way I wish it would: when I visit the Movie in French, the view only shows the events that reference the French translation of this movie. When I visit the same Movie on the site in Italian, I only see the events that reference the Italian translation of this Movie. Same for German.

What I want: when visiting the site in any language, the view should show me all Events for this Movie, regardless of what translation of this Movie is referenced by the Events.

I tried playing with every options in the "Field language" parameter of the view, but it doesn't change the output of the view.

The translations are managed via a combination of entity_translation and i18n, which I believe is the standard way of doing it in D7 (there's a "Translate" tab when editing the content).

That being said, when editing an Event and using the reference field to choose a Movie, each language for the same translated Movie appears as a separate choice. I don't know if it's the way it's supposed to work.

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