I have created a multistep webform and it has 5 steps. is it possible to get the previous step field value/data in the next step? for example, I have a field select list field (key = select_your_data_type) in step 4 and on step 5 show the selected field value?



HOOK_form_alter(array $form,FormStateInterface $form_state, $form_id)

check if $form_id equals your specific form (form's machine name) and validate if current page is page where you want to display data ('step_5' is wizard's page machine_name).

if ($form['progress']['#current_page'] === 'step_5')

get values from $form_state


and you can set form elements via


or via

$form_state->set('field_i_want_to_set_in_page_5', $my_value);

or course do not forget to print field_i_want_to_set_in_page_5 somewhere on page 5.


Look into the computed twig element of webform You can access the values of data.name_of_field with that

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