I have the XML Sitemap installed on a few sites, but due to SEO concerns, I am now tasked to enable the module on all sites that we support. I have an update hook ready, but I'm running into an issue importing the configurations.

When I export the xmlsitemap.settings.yml file, I just get the following:

minimum_lifetime: 0
xsl: 1
prefetch_aliases: 1
chunk_size: auto
batch_limit: 100
path: xmlsitemap
frontpage_priority: !!float 1
frontpage_changefreq: 86400
lastmod_format: 'Y-m-d\TH:i\Z'
gz: false
clean_url: 0
disable_cron_regeneration: false
i18n_selection_mode: simple

I have rules setup for Media and Content, but as you can see it only picks up Frontpage. The goal is to make all these settings true for all the sites I handle.

I'd appreciate any help. thanks!



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