I am using Drupal 8 for a project for learning purposes. In my case I want to access to a field which contains multiple values, but I can't find how to do that. For example for a single value field I can access it like this:


But how can I get all the values of field which allows more than one value?

  • contain more than user you mean more than 1 value? – No Sssweat Mar 3 at 12:38
  • yeep that's it ::) – drupal love Mar 3 at 13:09

To get all values of a multi-value field:

$node = $variables['node'];
$values = array();
foreach ($node->field_name->getValue() as $value) {
  if (!empty($value['value'])) {
    $values[] = $value['value'];


$node = $variables['node'];
$values = array();
foreach ($node->field_name as $item) {
  if (!empty($item->value)) {
    $values[] = $item->value;
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