When the drupal config value (as defined in .schema.yml) is a sequence what is the correct syntax for drush config-set so that the value is a sequence not a simple string? For example, with the devel module drush config-get devel.settings error_handlers returns

'devel.settings:error_handlers': 1: 1

So what is the syntax to set the value to 4: 4. I have tried lots of combinations, such as 4:4 [4:4]. error_handlers.4 4 but have not hit on the right way yet. I could not find any examples or documentation, so asking here. Thanks.


Uh, I love riddles like this! And finally found a way!

You first have to delete the error_handlers config key.

$ drush -y cdel devel.settings error_handlers

And then set it again.

$ drush -y cset devel.settings error_handlers.4 4

Let's check.

$ drush cget devel.settings error_handlers
  4: 4

Yeah! 🎉

Just drush -y cset devel.settings error_handlers.4 4 without deleting it first would just append it and you'd end up with 1: 1 and 4: 4 both.

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    Thank you @leymannx you are right. I am sure I tried that! I have also confirmed your second point, adding another gives both. Then cdel devel.settings error_handlers.1 will remove the unwanted one after. – Jonathan1055 Mar 5 at 9:33

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