I have a list of Categories defined that all have specific URL aliases defined. I'm trying to set up views for those specific feeds.

For example, if I have categories

cats, dogs, fish (with aliases /cats /dogs//fish`) I'm trying to set a view for those pages.

I know I can create a view and say Show Content of Type All tagged with:___ but I believe that works off tags, not categories.

If I try to say Show Taxonomy Terms of type Category then it looks like it's just a list of cats dogs fish

Is there a nice way to set up what I'm trying to do, or am I better off using tags instead?

  • Assuming "categories" is a taxonomy vocabulary and "cats," "dogs," and "fish" are all terms in that vocabulary, you can use your first guess and grab all items tagged with one of those animals. – beltouche Mar 16 at 1:44
  • Okay, so I would need to create 3 different views? There's no easy way for me to create one over-arching category view so that any posts which are tagged with a category will appear a specific way? – Eabryt Mar 16 at 11:56
  • 1
    Yes you can do that with contextual filters. Look under admin > structure > views at the view 'Taxonomy term', which is an example you could readily copy. – stevekeiretsu Mar 16 at 12:54
  • @stevekeiretsu Oh wow, just copied that and it worked perfectly, thank you. I had tried messing around with that view once already but didn't realize that it was already set up to be what I wanted and I just had to change the Show section. – Eabryt Mar 16 at 13:12

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