I'm working in the creation of a custom profile.

When the installation is already finished, on the configuration module /admin/config/development/configuration appears the following warning

The staged configuration cannot be imported, because it originates from a different site than this site. You can only synchronize configuration between cloned instances of this site.

All my configuration based on new changes is exported to


using the following sh file

ddev exec drush cex
find ./web/profiles/DISTRIBUTION_NAME/config/install/ -type f -exec sed -i -e '/^uuid: /d' {} \;
find ./web/profiles/DISTRIBUTION_NAME/config/install/ -type f  -exec sed -i -e '/_core:/,+1d' {} \;

rm -f ./web/profiles/DISTRIBUTION_NAME/config/install/core.extension.yml ./web/profiles/DISTRIBUTION_NAME/config/install/update.settings.yml ./web/profiles/DISTRIBUTION_NAME/config/install/file.settings.yml

so, what i'm doing wrong or what else is missing?

  • Did you strip the UUIDs and config hashes from the config files?
    – Beau
    Mar 18, 2020 at 0:29

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The problem was about a relative path in the file:


$config_directories['sync'] = 'web/profiles/DISTRIBUTION_NAME/config/install';

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