Is there a way to extend the next payment date for the users who have recurring payment in moneysuite drupal 7. We are using authorize.net for the payments.

Scenario : users have paid for viewing online live event videos. Registered as monthly user. We have blocked live events for avoiding public gathering due to current situation ( corona ). Now next month their amount should not be debited so we have to extend next payment date.

  • Any payment gateway I've used that allows for recurring payments, would require specific authorisation from the account holder before allowing changes to that subscription (it's a legally binding contract so can't be altered). I'd imagine they're all like that. So I guess it depends how you have things set up. Might be better off contacting the payment gateway for their advice – Clive Mar 20 at 13:04
  • In drupal, moneysuite module can we change next payment date. We are using authorize.net as payment gateway. – Orchid Mar 20 at 13:06
  • In drupal, moneysuite module can we change next payment date Sounds like you've already solved it then? Which I guess you haven't or you wouldn't be here :) Where are you stuck? Finding a way to identify only people with recurring subscriptions? A method to update those user en-masse? Something else? If you could update the question with more specifics you'll probably help someone to give you a better answer – Clive Mar 20 at 13:08
  • There is no default process available for extending the next payment date in moneysuite. We have to check what are the core steps processing the next payment date and write a script to alter the next payment by table wise. checking the better way / to confirm whether I am on the right path – Orchid Mar 20 at 13:12
  • It would be wise to include that information, plus abstract samples of the scripts you're writing, in the question itself. You're not likely to find people writing full tutorials for you here, and currently that's what it sounds like the question is asking for (not the case it would seem, you already have a process, you want to verify it's correct). Just a thought – Clive Mar 20 at 13:16

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