I'm working on a videogame website. I use Drupal Commerce with Druapl 8 to manage games.

For example : (Sonic the Hedgehog) is the Product, and (Mega Drive - EUR) and (Mega Drive - JPN) are the variations. Users can create different types of contents (reviews, cheat codes, etc) for each game. Each content type has a field [Product] and a field [Product Variation].

The product page URL is /game/product_title-product_id (e.g /games/Sonic-12)

On each product page, I have several blocks, and each of theses blocks is a view with a list of content with a contextual filter related to the product ID displayed in the URL. For example, here is the view for the cheat codes block :

Cheat codes blocks view with contextual filter

Thanks to the "Prepopulate" module, when a user clicks on the link to create a content on the Product page, the [Product] field is already filled.

What I'm looking for is a way, on the content creation page, to show only the Product Variations related to the Product page I'm looking at.

I've created an entity reference with a contextual filter that displays the variations of a product when I enter the product ID. It works fine in Views, but I don't know how to use it to select my variations when I create my content.

Entity reference to display Product Variations from Product ID

tl,dr : when I click on a link on my product page to create a content, I want to display a list (or checkboxes) with only the variations of this product.


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