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So the way authentication works at my organization is that users typically log in with their organization credentials in order to access Webforms... I'm looking for an alternative where they can login using the User ID that I created for them under 'People' (i.e., this is different from organization-based logins).

I was looking for information online and couldn't really find anything aside from using a module, which I'd rather not use. I'm looking for a more simple method where I can allow a user to log in by their user ID...

So let's say I create User 11 in Drupal, and the page is 'user/11.' How can I then allow them to login, say through that node or user ID, bypassing the main organization login page, so that they can then access the Webforms?

I tried doing a workaround in Views, but I only saw allowing access based on Permissions... Which doesn't solve my issue because the user can't get permissions to Webform if he can't login to begin with. Same with using Webform permissions.

  • You will need a module for this, whether custom or contrib; core doesn’t contain such functionality – Clive Mar 22 at 10:33

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