I am using Bootstrap Barrio sub-theme in a Drupal 8 site. I want to add regions similar to the "featured_*" regions.

The regions are added into the info.yml file

  # ... origional regions ...
  # new regions
  products_top: 'Products top'
  products_first: 'Products first'
  products_second: 'Products second'
  products_third: 'Products third' 

Add the regions in templates/page.html.twig

    {% if page.products_first or page.products_second or page.products_third %}
      <div class="featured-bottom">
        <aside class="{{ container }} clearfix" role="complementary">
          {{ page.featured_bottom_first }}
          {{ page.featured_bottom_second }}
          {{ page.featured_bottom_third }}
          {{ page.products_first }}
          {{ page.products_second }}
          {{ page.products_third }}
    {% endif %}

After applied the theme, I found page.featured_* and page.products_* regions are different:

<div class="featured-bottom">
        <aside class="container clearfix" role="complementary">
          <div class="block-region demo-block">Featured bottom first</div>
          <div class="block-region demo-block">Featured bottom second</div>
          <div class="block-region demo-block">Featured bottom third</div>
  <section class="row region region-products-first">
    <div class="block-region demo-block">Products first</div>
  <section class="row region region-products-second">
    <div class="block-region demo-block">Products second</div>
  <section class="row region region-products-third">
    <div class="block-region demo-block">Products third</div>


Why are they different?

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