Given a commerce product with variations, how can I order the values within a variation attribute in the "Add to cart" form on the product page?

Steps so far:

  1. In /admin/commerce/config/product-types/TYPE/edit/display I'm using Add to cart form as field formatter for the Variations field
  2. In /admin/commerce/product-attributes/manage/TYPE I've ordered the values of my variation attribute as wanted.
  3. On the frontend, in my commerce_product.html.twig I'm rendering the cart form field with {{ product.variations }}

However, the Add to cart form does not follow the weights as set in step 2. I can't see any pattern in the attribute value ordering, it is neither ID, weight or name. How or where can I define the weights of the values within a variation attribute?

As a sidenote, the weights of step 2 are used when viewing the Bulk tab in /admin/commerce-bulk-attribute/TYPE. My problem seems to be related to this issue, but it is flagged as fixed, and I can see the $entity_query->sort('weight') in the class ProductAttributeValueStorage

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