i'm using migrate to create and update nodes from external sources (xml files). These xml files are stored inside a directory and are deleted and re-uploaded once a day (during night). In these files, only a part of rows/items are updated.

I use the track_changes module (with true value) to test the row data and update it if necessary.

But, on the first migration, all nodes seems to be updated : in the admin/content table, all the nodes seems to be updated and all the nodes have as updated date the date of the first migration.

I did tests:

  • If I re-launch manually the migration (in admin/structure/migrate/...), the nodes don't seems to be re-saved (updated date don't change) > it's ok
  • If I change a data of an item in the source file (xml), and re-launch the migration, only 1 node is updated > it's ok

Why all the nodes are re-saved/updated on the first migration? Does uploading xml files every night break the hashed data of each row? If yes, is there a possibility to resolve this problem?

Thanks for your help.

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