menu_token module is working fine to achieve the purpose. Does the module token_filter has this functionality? I can use tokens in wysiwyg using token_filter but cannot make it working for menu title or url since there is no setting I could find. Since the comment in drupal issue says that it was solved using token_filter module, I want to know the way it was achieved.

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No, not by itself. The Token Filter module's functionality adds a token input filter to text formats in Drupal. The only field types that can use text formats are the 3 Text (formatted) field types, not the Link field type.

One can only speculate on the comment's solution you refer to. Text Formats/Input filters are designed to allow HTML input that should be filtered for presentation. It would be an odd-use-scenario to apply that to a link field.


Approach to solve the problem-

  1. Loop through menu links (optionally title) in custom module
  2. Process the tokens using \Drupal::token()->replace() method

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