I have a custom module which migrates articles from a remote xml file. Because the RSS feed changes, I want my Drupal site to be in sync with the RSS feed. How do add e.g this command drush mim xml_content to my cron job, so it will update by each cron interval?

Or how do I add it to my custom module with hook_cron()?


While it's certainly possible programmatically invoke a Drush command in a custom hook handler (via drush_invoke_process()), you shouldn't do this.

Cron tasks are designed to handle periodic, smallish, update tasks on hourly, or sub-hourly, intervals. Migration jobs can get pretty I/O heavy so you shouldn't couple them on the same schedule as ongoing cron maintenance, lest you add potential instability based on some outside service/feed.

You should add a new cron job to your cron runner (e.g. crontab, Jenkins, etc.) that executes the drush mim xml_content on its own schedule. Depending on where your cron system is, the cron job will evoke drush mim xml_content or drush @host-alias mim xml_content (if your cron runner is outside the Drupal host machine).

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