We have a requirement for a new project:

  • on the homepage there should be a infinite (load more button) "stream" / list of content teasers
  • sorted by published date
  • the complicated part: it should be possible for an admin user to "inject" teasers at specific positions in the stream

You can imagine it like a facebook/instagram stream with manually placed teasers at fixed positions, e.g. "Best cars" teaser should always be at position 5 in the stream, etc.

Question: Is there any module out there to accomplish that requirement? Or will we have to build that feature ourselves?

  • Views is designed to query and pull data, I am not aware of anything that easily lets you "insert" content between rows and track all that outside of that data. The only thing I can think of is adding a numeric position field on a node and coming up with a DB query that respects the sort by date, and altering the output to respect the position values. – Kevin Mar 26 at 14:01

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