i am having a form with 2 values to save on submit:

 public function submitForm(array &$form, FormStateInterface $form_state) {
    if ($_POST['op'] == 'Import Accounts') {
      $filter = $form_state->getValue('ldap_filter');
        ->set('ldap_filter', $filter)

      $roles = $form_state->getValue('roles_list');
        ->set('roles', $roles)

It is working but each save override the previous one.

How can i structure the yml to save a list of datas iterately


ldap_filter: ""
roles: null

i have been trying a schema file although i am not sure it if it is considered at all


  type: config_object
  label: 'couple filtreLDAP / roles'
      type: text
      label: 'Filtre LDAP'
      type: array
      label: 'Rôles'

i have seen things like



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Config items can be arrays, so something like this should work. (Note that I haven't actually set it up to try it).

      $new_filter = $form_state->getValue('ldap_filter');
      $filters = \Drupal::configFactory()->getEditable('amu_import_ldap.settings')
      $filters[] = $new_filter;
        ->set('ldap_filter', $filters)

Of course that's a very naive example, you may wish to check you are only adding unique items to the array, and so on.

  • thanks the same simple solution stroke my mind overnight :)
    – Matoeil
    Mar 27, 2020 at 9:25

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