I'm using a global PHP query in a View to find out the count of membership users. The first query, that extracts the total number of users from the database works fine, but when I use the WHERE clause in a query for a comparison with a string, I received a website error like in the image attached below.

This is the query:

$count_users_premium = db_query('SELECT COUNT(license_id) FROM {commerce_license} WHERE state="active"')->fetchField();
print $count_users_premium;

So, if I want to use WHERE some_number=3, it will work, but comparison with a string didn't work. (Drupal 8 version)

enter image description here

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You cannot directly insert values into queries in Drupal. They need to be escaped. You would want something like this:

$count_users_premium = db_query('SELECT COUNT(license_id) FROM {commerce_license} WHERE state=:active', [':active' => 'active'])->fetchField();
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