I'm looking for the best way to use Drupal as a front-end for a decoupled Drupal back-end. The set-up I'm looking to accomplish is:

  • a Drupal 8/9 back-end as a central content repository
  • 3 Drupal 8/9 front-ends
  • 2 non-Drupal front-ends

I want to use Drupal as a front-end, instead of some javascript client framework because:

  • I want to move over existing Drupal 8 sites to the central repository without rebuilding them from the ground up in a new framework.
  • The development team is already familiar with Drupal theming and twig templates
  • I want to have some local content as well

Background: I'm working on a set of websites that largely share the same content. Until now this content was just copy/pasted across, which is very time-consuming for the site managers.

The biggest site of these is an old Drupal 7, and we're working on migrating it to Drupal 8/9. Instead of just upgrading, I want to centralize the content. 2 other sites have already been built in Drupal 8.

I've run a quick test with external entities module (https://www.drupal.org/project/external_entities), which I've been able to hook up to JSON:API. These two are very awkward together though, and clearly not made to go together.

Is there a good way to accomplish this? Is there another, better way of centralizing the content?

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