I am trying to use the group method hasPermission(permission_label, user). I found an example that is the following:

$group->hasPersmission('administer members', $user)

I would like to know what all the different permissions types are. In particular I want to be able to differentiate whether a user can edit or just view a type of content.

How do I a get a list of the different types of permissions?



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You can go to Admin -> Group -> Group Types -> [your group type]. On that page, click the Permissions tab. You can see all the permissions there. If you need to know the permissions string, you can inspect any checkbox for a given role/permission combo, and look at the name attribute. It will be something like admin[permission_label], where permission_label is the value you would pass as the first argument to $group->hasPermission().

  • Is there an API cll to get this list ? Apr 6, 2020 at 18:03

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