I have set up organic groups, with different node types as groups, such as Colleagues, Teams, and Sponsors.

If I go to the relevant node add group page, for example node/add/colleague or node/add/team, I see the options for group visibility and group content visibility. Once created, the group manager can set permissions, such as non-members can join group without approval, and which roles can create which content types.

Rather than having the group creators set this themselves, I'd rather provide defaults, for example a select list with Open, Public, Hidden, and Closed as options. When users click on node/add/sponsor, they are given different options.

  • Open
    This group will be visible to any member, anybody can join without approval, content will be public, any member can create node content without approval.
  • Hidden
    This group will visible, but only members can see content; anybody can request to join, but approval is required; only group managers or administrators can create content.

Right now, the only option I see is creating a different node for each group with different defaults at node level, and then create the defaults at each node.
However, this will take more time and interfere with some views. All views which have a filter to show the content of sponsor will need to be updated to open-sponsor, public-sponsor, or hidden-sponsor.

Is it possible to create a select list which can set the defaults for a group, rather than having to create a new node type for each group and set the defaults?

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