In Drupal 8 I created some extra fields at "user", such as date of birth" (dd-mm-yyyy) I want to show in a block in views the upcoming birthdays. BUT...I can't sort them on date, because the order takes also the year! How to make a birthdaylist in Drupal 8 bases on the day of birth, regardless the year. Can you do it this way, or are there more ways to display an upcoming birthday list? Thank you all!

  • What I would do it to create a new event content type with a recurring date field. Then using Rules, whenever a user creates/updates his profile I will create/update the event. – Hodba Khalaf Apr 10 at 8:13
  • However I have to dive in that rule, I think it is a brilliant Idea. If I get stuck by creating this rule, I can always make an seperate content type "birthdays", based on the recurring events. Great! The only thing is to delete birthday on that content-type when user is deleted or deactivated. I hope I can do it by your suggestion. Thank you very much!! – Pieter-Jan Derks Apr 11 at 9:18
  • You're welcome :) if you need help with the rule you're creating please let me know. – Hodba Khalaf Apr 11 at 16:35
  • Thank you! I will certainly let you know! – Pieter-Jan Derks Apr 12 at 17:51

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