There might be a simple answer to this but it's driving me crazy. I'm working on a template for an article node and I want the byline to display this way:

By Author Name

I don't want to change the field label in the web form, so I just want the "By" to be inserted through the node template. No matter what CSS styling I use, the byline field always displays like this:

Author Name

Is there a way to get the label and field to show up inline?

Here's the PHP I'm using in the template:

<div class="newsbyline">
  <?php print t('By'); ?> <?php print render($content['field_newsbyline']); ?>

Setting the "newsbyline" <div> to inline doesn't seem to be working.

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    In CSS, try setting the tags surrounding "by" and "Author Name" to float:left; and then check. Apr 24, 2012 at 23:13

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It would be helpful to see the markup that surrounds the newsbyline field. I'm guessing there's a div or some other element around field_newsbyline that's a block element by default. If you change the CSS for that element to display: inline that may solve the problem.

Alternatively, if the above code is in your node template, you could adjust the markup in the field template instead:

  1. Copying field.tpl.php from the base theme you're using or from Drupal core's /modules/field/theme/ into your theme
  2. Rename it field--field-newsbyline.tpl.php (assuming field_newsbyline is the machine name of your field)
  3. Edit that template to add <?php print t('By'); ?> in the appropriate spot.

By making the change in the field template, you should be able to get your code inside the wrapper div, rather than having it outside.

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