I want to get the list of current modules and themes and modify them on Drupal 9, previously in Drupal 8,7 I used the following functions to get and save them but it seems they are depricated on Drupal 9.

 system_get_info(), _system_rebuild_module_data()

what is equivalent to these functions in Drupal 9 and how can get/update data about the module/themes in Drupal 9?

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Simply check the deprecation notice on system_get_info


in drupal:8.8.0 and is removed from drupal:9.0.0. Use \Drupal::service('extension.list.$type')->getExtensionInfo() or \Drupal::service('extension.list.$type')->getAllInstalledInfo() instead.

and the change record on _system_rebuild_module_data() and co. are replaced by services to give you all available modules and themes

// If you want to just get all extensions without rebuilding.
$module_list = \Drupal::service('extension.list.module')->getList();
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The change records tell you all you need to know ...


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    Oh wow I didn't know of drupal.org/list-changes/drupal, thanks for that gem! I was always just googling for the functions. 😊 – leymannx Apr 12 at 20:52
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    @leymannx, there is a link on the project page drupal.org/project/drupal – 4k4 Apr 13 at 18:54
  • @4k4 – Ah I've probably never been on that page, too! Bookmarked! – leymannx Apr 13 at 21:05

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