So I currently have these 2 lines in my module.info.yml file:

interface translation project: product_registration_translations
interface translation server pattern: modules/custom/product_registration/modules/%project/translations/%project.%language.po

That holds all the translations and works correctly. However, how would I go about changing my module.info.yml file if I wanted to break down my translations into multiple folders and files. As in translations for countries/states/personal info all in their own folders. Can I add multiple arguments to the interface translation server pattern line?

For example:

interface translation server pattern:
 - product_registration_translations:modules/custom/product_registration/modules/%project/translations/%project.%language.po
 - product_registration_translations:modules/custom/product_registration/modules/%project/translations/countries/%project.%language.po

But that doesn't work for me.

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