I can't run cron on the website, due to the following PHP warnings.

Warning: Illegal string offset 'content' in dexp_shortcodes_carousels() (line 13 of \sites\all\modules\drupalexp\modules\dexp_shortcodes\includes\carousel.inc).
Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in theme() (line 1088 of \includes\theme.inc).
Error: Unsupported operand types in theme() (line 1088 of \includes\theme.inc).

Unfortunately, this theme is no more supported. However, I would like to find a workaround to fix this problem.

  • The only reasonable workaround I can think of is fixing the underlying problem. If necessary copy the theme and fix the bug. – leymannx Apr 22 at 7:23
  • What version of Drupal by the way? Is it up to date? Did you run databases updates and cleared cache, too? – leymannx Apr 22 at 7:30
  • I'm using Drupal 7 and it is up to date, but the theme is no more supported drupalexp.com/themes/jollyness. I have fixed the issue, but I need to count on myself. – user97394 Apr 22 at 8:08
  • 2
    Actually, those aren't warnings caused from the theme, but a module (dexp_shortcodes) which is not even hosted on drupal.org. We cannot tell you how to fix the code without seeing it. Even if you were to show us the full code used from that module, the question would not be relevant to other users. That is in the case the issue is only caused from that module, and not another module that is interfering with that module. If it were so, the chances to find what needs to be fixed, for us, would be really low, given we don't have access to the site. – kiamlaluno Apr 22 at 9:19
  • 1
    It all depends from what hook_cron(), or other hook, implementations do. For example, hook_node_view() is indirectly invoked from a Drupal core module during cron tasks. If one of the hook_node_view() implementations were redirecting users to a different page (thinking the users are watching a particular node), that would cause issues with cron tasks that would be difficult to track back. (It would take time, before you understand that is the reason.) – kiamlaluno Apr 22 at 9:37

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