I'm using Drupal 7 Commerce module and I need to be able to edit the shipping price of an order after the has been placed. This is a B2B site, so the prices are displayed without VAT. I'm using the Shipping Flat rate and for the VAT a simple 0.2 tax si applied using rules.

The problem I am facing is that when I manually edit the price of the shipping line item, the VAT is no longer calculated and included. All this works correctly when placing the order using the shopping cart. I don't have the same problem when editing the price of a product.

Shopping cart - 35 GBP / 42 GBP (with VAT). VAT is added correctly to the VAT line item. Shopping cart

enter image description here

Shipping was set to 42 GBP when editing the order. VAT is removed from the VAT line item.

I exposed the option in Orders to simulate checkout completion & apply pricing rules, but the shipping price is not correctly calculated.

Is this a matter of weights and that's why the VAT is not calculated? To me it feels like an event doesn't fire when I manually edit the unit price of the shipping line. The only way I can add back the shipping line is by creating a rule to "Apply a shipping rate to an order", but then I can't adjust the unit price.

Thank you

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